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Rex-1.14.3 is now available on CPAN. It contains bug fixes for local package installation, command existence checks, and Git tests.


The Rex-1.14.2 release is now available on CPAN. It contains bug fixes for running local commands on Windows, cloning git repositories, and test suite fixes for the upcoming perl-5.38.0 release.

Call for papers TPRC 2023

Dean Hamstead from the The Perl and Raku Foundation Marketing Committee has sent an invitation to present about Rex at TPRC 2023. I’m posting it here to increase visibility.


The Rex-1.14.1 release is now available on CPAN. It contains bug fixes and documentation updates.


The Rex-1.14.0 release is now available on CPAN. It contains improved Rexfile loading, documentation updates, and bumps the minimum required Perl version to 5.12.5.


Learning automation using Rex

Ferenc Erki (FErki) will be the guest of Gábor Szabó on the next Code Maven live stream to learn about automation using Rex. Register for the free event via Code Maven or Meetup, and join the discussion!

Unexpected use cases with Rex

Unexpected use cases with Rex at the 22nd German Perl/Raku Workshop 2020 in Erlangen by Ferenc Erki (FErki).

Rex & Friends

Rex & Friends talk at the Barcelona Perl & Friends 2019 by Ferenc Erki (FErki).

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Release notes for 1.3.0

These are the changes in the 1.3.0 release.

We want to thank every contributor who made this release possible. We also welcome Dmitry Kopytov as new contributor.

During this release cycle we tried to focus more on smoothing out the rougher edges and improving the documentation and test suite. Several aspects of the documentation work are mainly happening in the background and not in the codebase itself for now. So there are no "real" new features this time, but because of the amount of changes, and especially because of enabling the new template engine by default, we felt a new major release was warranted.


New template engine enabled by default

The enhanced template engine, template_ng, has been available since 0.56.0 via the similarly named feature flag. The main advantage of it is the ability to provide actually useful error messages when something goes wrong during template processing, while the format itself remains backward compatible with the previous template handling. There are some examples of those error messages on the original issue.

Automatic parallelism settings

It is now possible set parallelism of task execution more dynamically, e.g. by setting it to max, Rex detects the number of servers a task should be run on, and automatically executes it on all of them in parallel. Some other notation are recognized and supported as well, like max/3, or max 10%. For details, check out the documentation.


The local test suite has been greatly simplified as part of an ongoing improvement works. Those changes made the test suite ~30% faster and easier to maintain.


A bunch of general improvements happened in this release cycle as well, most notably:

All those happened in the following commits:


We'd like to say thanks to Eric Johnson for an improved help screen and to Brian Manning for making it possible to list methods and DSL functions in the table of contents and linking to them directly within the page. We also added long-due documentation for the CMDB feature.


The following bugs/regressions were also fixed during this release cycle:

Uploading files from Windows to Linux

File upload from Windows machines was fixed by checking the availability of uname and md5sum commands before trying to use them. This fix has been released as rex-1.2.1 as well.

do_task + before_task_start with modules

Fixed an issue when a task was specified in a module and had a before_task_start hook attached to it, then called with do_task from a different module.


This release also has some general fixes, most notably around sudo usage (like avoiding an endless loop when used together with auth for or suppressing warnings about missing locales).

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