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Post-migration updates & clean-up

Over the course of the past weeks many clean-ups have been done, reaping the benefits provided by our new Statocles-based site:

New site engine for rexify.org

After months of work on a new site backend, we reached the MVP today for our site to be switched over to a new engine: from now on, our site will be maintained using the static site generator Statocles.



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Release notes for 0.54.3

These are the changes in 0.54 release.

We want to thank every contributor that makes this release possible.


path_map - variable path mapping

path_map is a new feature developed by Erik Huelsmann to ease the management of files for different hosts. In the past, if you wanted to upload a file (for example /etc/security/access.conf) to your servers and wanted to have different access.conf files per environment, or for a special host, you had to build this logic by yourself. With the path_map feature you only have to define the lookup path and Rex is doing this for you.

use Rex -feature => ['0.54'];

set path_map => {
  "files/" => [
  "templates/" => [

task "setup", group => "frontends", sub {
  file "/etc/security/access.conf",
    source => "files/etc/security/access.conf",
    owner  => "root",
    group  => "root",
    mode   => 644;

  file "/etc/ntp.conf",
    content => template("templates/etc/ntp.conf"),
    owner   => "root",
    group   => "root",
    mode    => 644;

This example will search for the files it should upload or process as templates in the following direction:



And for the template it is just the same:

You can use any variable that the inventory can gather from the system.






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