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The Rex-1.8.0 release is now available on CPAN, adding initial support to manage Void Linux systems.


The Rex-1.7.1 release is now available on CPAN, fixing a Windows testing issue, and updating some docs.


The Rex-1.7.0 release is now available on CPAN.

Deprecating official Rex packages

As part of our efforts to simplify maintenance around RexOps projects, we have decided to stop building Rex packages on our side. We recommend relying on OS packages maintained by the various distributions in their respective upstream repositories, or to install Rex from CPAN.

Post-migration updates & clean-up

Over the course of the past weeks many clean-ups have been done, reaping the benefits provided by our new Statocles-based site:



Need Help?

Rex is a pure open source project, you can find community support in the following places:

Professional support is also available.

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Release notes for 0.46

These are the changes in 0.46 release.

We want to thank all the people for contributing code and to fill bug reports. This helps making Rex better and better :)

Incompatible Changes

We're sorry, but this release comes with some incompatible changes. The most changes won't effect the majority of users, but we needed to change those things to fix some nasty things and to be more flexible in the future.


With Rex::Test it is possible to test your Rexfile on a local VM before executing the code on your servers. Rex::Test uses Rex::Box to create the VM, but currently it only supports VirtualBox VMs.

To create a test just create a new file inside a t directory: t/base.t.

use Rex::Test::Base;
⁠use Data::Dumper;
⁠use Rex -base;
⁠test {
⁠    my $t = shift;
⁠    $t->name("ubuntu test");
⁠    $t->base_vm("http://box.rexify.org/box/ubuntu-server-12.10-amd64.ova");
⁠    $t->vm_auth( user => "root", password => "box" );
⁠    $t->run_task("setup");
⁠    $t->has_package("vim");
⁠    $t->has_package("ntp");
⁠    $t->has_package("unzip");
⁠    $t->has_file("/etc/ntp.conf");
⁠    $t->has_service_running("ntp");
⁠    $t->has_content( "/etc/passwd", qr{root:x:0:}ms );
⁠    run "ls -l";
⁠    $t->ok( $? == 0, "ls -l returns success." );
⁠    $t->finish;


Create clean development environments for your projects. Test your software in a production like environment.

With Rex/Boxes you can easily create your test environment with VirtualBox. You can use prebuild VM Images or roll your own. Read the quickstart guide to create your own environment in minutes.


Changes in the Cloud API



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