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Happy 10th birthday, Rex!

The Rex-1.13.1 release is now available on CPAN. It is focusing on CMDB bugfixes and documentation, while also fixing a missing feature flag. Upgrade is recommended for all users.


The Rex-1.13.0 release is now available on CPAN. It adds on_no_change hooks for file management commands to trigger further actions when files are left unchanged. Upgrade is recommended for all users.


The Rex-1.12.2 release is now available on CPAN. It fixes various regressions, as well as bugs around file management. Upgrade is highly recommended for all users.


The Rex-1.12.1 release is now available on CPAN. It adds documentation for feature flags, and fixes a release packaging issue.


The Rex-1.12.0 release is now available on CPAN. It adds support for local rsync operations, improves tab completion for Bash and Zsh, and fixes related bugs. It also discontinues support for running Rex on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and older versions since both mainstream and extended support has already ended for these products.



Need Help?

Rex is a pure open source project, you can find community support in the following places:

Professional support is also available.

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Release notes for 0.33


# new task prepare => make {
<span class="hljs-comment"># do something</span><span class="hljs-comment">


# old task "prepare", group => "foo", sub { # do something };

# new task "prepare", group => "foo", make { # do something };

User Management


use Template;

set template_function => sub { my ( $content, $vars ) = @_; my $t = Template->new; my $out; $t->process( \$content, $vars, \$out ); return $out; };

task foo => sub { file "/etc/foo/service.conf", content => template( "service.conf.tpl", name => "foo", port => 1903 ); };


It is now easier to write independent modules. There is no break in compatibility. Both ways will work. But we suggest to rewrite/move your files.

Old-way module structure:

New module structure:

Converting an old module

It is easy to convert an old module. For the example from above, you just have to move the file "lib/Apache.pm" to "lib/Apache/Module.pm" (no code changes needed). And move the templates to "lib/Apache/templates".

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