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(R)?ex 0.45.0 released. This release comes with OpenStack cloud support and lot of enhancements for common resources/functions. See the release notes including examples for the new features.
Talk from Ferenc Erki at Free Software Conference of Szeged uploaded to slideshare
(R)?ex 0.44.1 released. This release enhance Rex with cool new features and fixes a lot of bugs. See the release notes on Github.
The talk of Kieler Linux Tage is uploaded to slideshare and on youtube (language: german).

We are proud to announce that Rex was voted under the Best Open Source solutions 2013 by initiative mittelstand. And we want to thank inovex for the support to make this happen.


2014-05-08 - 2014-05-10

Visit us at the LinuxTag in Berlin.

LinuxTag is Europe's leading exhibition and conference for Linux, Free Software and Open Source.

Need Help?

Rex is a pure Open Source project. So you can find community support in the following places.

Community Support

Rex is an opensource project driven and supported by its community. If you need help you're invited to join us on our user group or on irc / freenode.

Commercial Support

If you're looking for commercial support feel free to contact one of the listed companies.

You want to provide commercial support for Rex? Just drop us a few lines with a description of your company and service and we will add you to this list.


inovex, the IT project company specialising in data center engineering, is the first company which offers professionel support for Rex, thereby emphasising the key importance of open source technologies in setting up and operating modern, cost-optimised data centers.

With Rex as their software deployment, configuration management and automation solution, inovex experts can automize infrastructures very quickly and operate them efficiently.

So, if you're looking for professional Rex support, please contact us.

Mail sales@inovex.de
Phone +49 7231 31 91 0
Website http://www.inovex.de/
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