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(R)?ex 0.45.0 released. This release comes with OpenStack cloud support and lot of enhancements for common resources/functions. See the release notes including examples for the new features.
Talk from Ferenc Erki at Free Software Conference of Szeged uploaded to slideshare
(R)?ex 0.44.1 released. This release enhance Rex with cool new features and fixes a lot of bugs. See the release notes on Github.
The talk of Kieler Linux Tage is uploaded to slideshare and on youtube (language: german).

We are proud to announce that Rex was voted under the Best Open Source solutions 2013 by initiative mittelstand. And we want to thank inovex for the support to make this happen.

Need Help?

Rex is a pure Open Source project. So you can find community support in the following places.

Contribute to (R)?ex

There is no company behind (R)?ex. Everything is developed by volunteers arround the globe during their free time. (R)?ex is a free, open source project. Every contribution is welcome.


The success of every project is its documentation. If there is no documentation a project won't be successfull. So one part where you can help is writing userfriendly documentation.

It is often hard to find a good balance between documenting new features (or remove deprecated documentation) and writing new code. So if you find outdated documentation, want to add guides, tweak the design or rewrite the complete webpage, don't hesitate contacting us.

You can clone the website code from Github. Please read the README file on how to get the website up and running on your local machine.


If you want to contribute new functionality or fix things, you can just clone the repository on Github and send Pull Requests.

You don't need to follow special style guidelines and if you have questions on how to implement something join us on irc.freenode.net / #rex.


As mentioned above (R)?ex is completely developed by volunteers. So there is no guarantee that a special feature will be released at a defined date. If you need a special feature you can sponsor it. So we will focus on that feature for the next release. You can contact us at feature@rexify.org.

Those sponsored features will also be released under open source. So it is guaranteed that it is compatible to following releases and you will have the benefit of a community finding potential bugs or contributing enhancements.


One special case is hardware. There can't be enough hardware / environments where we can test (R)?ex. Especially when it comes to the soon release of Rex.IO - a bare metal deployer and webfrontend for (R)?ex. If you want to sponsor any kind of hardware please contact us at sponsor@rexify.org.

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